Repairing Common Gutter Problems

Repairing Common Gutter Problems

Maintaining your rain gutters is important to keeping the rest of the house in good repair. If the gutters are not maintained then you will have issues with flooding of a leaky rook, which are much more expensive to repair. The most common gutter problem is a simple clogged gutter. If you don’t have a cover installed leaves and other debris can create a problem.

To remedy the issue all you need is a ladder, a bucket and a hand trowel. Simply hang the bucket on the ladder and use the trowel to remove all the debris. Once you are done, flush the gutters with a garden hose and make sure that the water is flowing freely. And just to make sure the problem doesn’t reoccur install gutter guards to prevent the debris from returning.

Leaking gutters is another common problem for homeowners. This is normally caused by a hole, cracks or disconnected joint. You will need to thoroughly inspect the length of the gutter that is leaking to determine which is the problem in your particular case. Holes and cracks are probable the easiest of the fixes. All you need for that is some water resistant glue, cement and aluminum. Make sure the cracks are clean and dry first or the glue will not adhere correctly. Then follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the glue.

If you have galvanized metal gutters that are starting to rust, remove any rust with a stiff wire brush before trying to patch it. Once the glue dries add a generous layer of cement. Be sure its cement that is specifically made for galvanized metal.

Finally, before the cement dries measure and cut the aluminum to fit over the hole and press these into the cement. If the joint has become disconnected, clean and dry the two pieces and push them back together. Put a layer of cement around the seam and allow it to dry. This should fix any leaks in your gutter with ease and relatively little work. Once all the cement is dry, be sure to run some water through the area to make sure the problem is completely resolved..