How to Install A Kitchen Faucet

How to Install A Kitchen Faucet

Nothing in the way of do-it-yourself home improvement projects is as easy as installing a new kitchen remodel with a new sink and kitchen faucet and nothing has as much a dramatic impact on the looks of your kitchen. Kitchens are often the gathering places for family and friends, and it is almost guaranteed that a new kitchen faucet will catch the eye of anyone who enters your kitchen.

Obviously, but first step in installing a new kitchen faucet is deciding on which model you want to install. After choosing from the thousands of kitchen faucets available, you only need a few hand tools and little determination to get your project complete. The more popular brands of kitchen faucets are Delta , Price Pfister and Danze Kitchen Faucets. All of these brands are recommended. Removing your old kitchen faucet will likely be the hardest part of this entire job. Old plumbing and corroded hardware can sometimes be difficult. It is best to start new with everything. Turn off the water valves, both hot and cold, and disconnect the water lines from the valves. This project will likely involve you lying on your back inside your kitchen cabinets so make sure you wearing some old clothes. After discarding the old piping, locate the mounting nuts for your old faucet. These are sometimes hard-to-reach and almost always difficult to loosen. Your local home improvement warehouse likely has a wrench that will fit the mounting nuts making the job much easier.

Loosen the nuts and remove. It may be necessary for you to remove the entire sink to accomplish this task, but if you are persistent you can remove the nuts without doing so.

After the nuts are removed, gently bump your old faucet off the sink. It is likely that the old gasket has stuck to the sink and only requires a gentle hand bump to remove.

Discard anything that has to do with your old faucet.

One of the greatest things about a new faucet is that most manufacturers design their faucets for ease of installation by the homeowner. Simply unpack your new faucet and said it into the mounting holes in your sink. By now, you can get a good idea of what your new faucet will look like, but we still have some work to do.