Repairing Holes In Drywall

Repairing a hole in your drywall does not need to involve a contractor. That will only add time and expense to the problem. You are perfectly capable of repairing the hole yourself, no matter if it’s a small little dent or a large hole. With a little instruction and some effort, it will simply be […]

My Dryer Wont Dry Clothes

One of the more frustrating things that can happen around the home is when you dryer just quits working. you wash a load of clothes and in good faith load them into your dryer. You set your timer and lo and behold 30 minutes later your clothes are as wet as when you put them […]

Fixing Squeaky Stairs

Squeaky stairs are a very common problem in older homes, and a very aggravating problem too. Over time the wood stairs make the risers, stringers or treads shrink and dry. Then the nails holding the wood loosen. You can easily fix squeaky stairs yourself and restore your peace of mind. There are several common reasons […]

Remodel With Replacement Windows

Walk into any home improvement warehouse this week and you will find people scurrying about looking at different products to remodel their homes. Kitchen cabinets and counter tops are always a popular area, but where are you remodeling dollars best spent? Nothing dates a home like old windows. Replacement windows not only can update your […]

Replacing A Light Switch

Light switches are a very common household item to get damaged. They crack and scratch or they just don’t work properly anymore. Here is how to replace a single pole light switch, which is the most common type found in the home. All you need is a Neon Circuit Tester, a multi-head screwdriver, and the […]

Fixing the Garage Door Opener

You may not realize just how much you rely on your garage door opener until it breaks. One morning you walk out to the garage and press the button, climb in the car and buckle up, then you turn around and the door is still closed. Without a working garage door opener you would actually […]

DIY Driveway Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning, repairing and resealing your driveway can make it look brand new again. Since this is one of the first things people see when they approach your home, it’s important to that it looks it’s best. But before any in depth cleaning and repair can be done, the driveway needs to be thoroughly cleaned and […]