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An Example of a Home Security System

Why Your Home Security and Surveillance Means More Than You Realise To You & Your Family!


Little to people realise that homes of the 21st century is actually capable of very powerful security features. There are several reasons why someone would be interested in installing a home security system or surveillance system, so we have included a summary list below…

  • Homes that are protected by visible security systems are obviously much less likely to be robbed than homes without one. Convicted burglars say they intentionally avoided homes with security systems or if they heard an alarm, would mostly run.
  • Peace of mind for your family and friends.
  • Around 60% of burglars entered the home through force, rather than through an unlocked window or door (http://www.safewise.com/blog/8-surprising-home-burglary-statistics/)
  • Home security systems add value to a home and can instantly pay themselves off if they only protected one robbery as the FBI states the average loss to robbery was around $2000 USD.
  • Home Surveillance can potentially give you extra peace of mind while you sleep knowing that you are more likely to repel criminals.
  • Police evidence and insurance companies sometimes can use the footage of security cameras to vindicate your word against somebody else’s.

We have several trained and professional home security experts from around the USA that will gladly assist you in choosing the right system for your home.  The security options can be overwhelming, but with the right advice, we can certainly assist you in making the right purchase.

Home owners should always consider using such a system, as with any investment in your home, the protection that it gives you could pay itself off over the time period that you use the system. It’s important that you realise that every home situation is different, that’s why you should always talk to a home security expert before you ever consider purchasing one.

Wherever you are in the USA and whatever your home ownership situation, we would love to help you know what security systems are right for you. Call us now using the button below and we would love to get you started!